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Mudpuppy Baby’s First Words

(Mudpuppy $12.99)

This is like a knowing-and-naming book on a ring. Instead of binding the single images into a board book, these two-sided cards have easy to identify, familiar objects to talk about. The images are done in bright colors and you can make up stories about each, one at a time; or turn the cards and tell a story as you go. Mudpuppy makes several variations of these First Word Cards. The original set does not have the anthropomorphic faces on the toast, banana, or other images. Take your choice. They call them flash cards, but they're not for drilling or reading or formal teaching...they're a good prop for talking and building language even before baby can talk and as language develops.

Older toddlers might like sorting these by finding all the good things to eat or things that have wheels, or take them off the ring and find all the red cards, all the blue cards, etc.

Ages: Older infants, Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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