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Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

(Fisher-Price $42.99)

With two little vehicles and three different pathways, this tall-as-a-toddler skyway is ready for the kind of repeat action that kids love. It stands over three feet tall and has levers to release the cars that go zooming down, down, down. If the sound effects annoy you, the happy news is you can turn off the Vroooms! without turning off the fun. We did race both cars down at the same time, although, it’s called “Take Turns Skyway” and you’re supposed to be learning to wait your turn. Since it comes with two cars and others can be added, this is also a big enough toy for side by side play that two tots can enjoy at once. Probably a good choice for toddler twins. Note: This toy comes with an elaborate printed construction guide. Our tester had no trouble assembling the Skyway, but if this is coming on Santa’s Sleigh, we suggest you put it together before Christmas morning. It’s going to take longer than you want to spend on the big day. Marked 1 ½-5. We think the sweet spot is on the lower end of that. It will not hold the interest of older 4s and 5s for long.

SNAP: The repetition and the thrill of making things happen give this big track a lot of appeal. Discovering the alternative routes and ways of making the cars turn takes some observation and visual tracking. Unlike tracks that need to be fitted together and can be frustrating, this ready made system is preset, but has variety and is large enough not to look babyish. Add balls and other vehicles to the action for even more variety.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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