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Blue Orange Maki Stack Game

(Blue Orange $27.99)

An unusual stacking game that calls for cooperation between partner players. The playing pieces are square, rectangular, and round sushi plus a soy Sauce bottle and plates. Players draw a card that shows the way the objects are to be stacked. BUT, if the card is yellow the player must put on a mask and pick up and stack the objects by touch. OR if the player draws a card with Chopstick mode card, no mask is needed, but player and teammate must each use just one finger to stack the playing pieces together. Careful! If they fall over you it lose! It’s a game that calls for giving directions with clear language, reinforces shape names, learning the feel of geometric shapes, listening skills, and working together to achieve a goal. All good skills to hone while having some laughing good time together. A good party game for family gathering or sleep over party. 7 & up.

Ages: Older Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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