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Mega Bloks ABC Musical Train

(Fisher-Price $21.99)

Once again, Mega Bloks has updated their Musical Train. The engine with it's musical smokestack has a happier look and easier action. Tap the stack for to turn on the music and train sounds. This newer and better version comes out of the box ready to play. No stickers to put on or parts to assemble, as in the past. The three train cars connect with ease and the alphabet blocks, from A-Z can be stacked on the cars. Use them to spell your child’s name or sort them by color—all the letters on red blocks and all the yellow ones, etc. With older toddlers and preschoolers compare the color towers you make together. Which color do we have the most of? Are any color stacks that are the same size? Labeled 1+, but learning letter names is not really a game for 1s and 2s and may only slightly interest 3s. Ones will probably like filling and spilling the 50 pieces of this toy in and out of the box or a bucket ; their favorite games often are repetitive actions involving filling and dumping. Actually stacking these peg blocks calls for some dexterity and fine motor skills that come later. Treat this as a movable construction toy. Use the blocks (without regard to letters) for building towers and tunnels as they learn how blocks with pegs stay together and come apart. We think this is more like a 2+ birthday present.

Ages: Older Toddlers, Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award

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