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Hape Station Fire Truck and Helicopter-Firehouse Playset

(Hape $99.99)

Wake up! Wake up! Fire! Fire! Here's a multi-level firehouse setting for dramatic play with plenty of action. Sound the bell! Hit the button to set the lights flashing on the firehouse. The firefighter doesn't just slide down a pole, the pole is designed to swirl the action figure round and down. See the white triangle hanging on the left side of the building (picture below)? That's the Cool Secret, the best part according to our tester. Pull it and the firehouse doors open and the truck races into action. The setting includes firetruck with ladder, helicopter, firefighter, rescue dog and many smaller accessories; axe, fire extinguisher, flame, fire hydrant, radar dish, flag, and control board. Oh, and don't overlook the basketball court where firefighters can get together for fun between fires. (You might want to add some firefighter action figures for this setting.) You'll need 2 AAA batteries and time to assemble this miniature setting. Our grandfather tester said it took an hour and should be done solo. You'll need to follow the pictogram directions with care to line up everything carefully, since some of the pieces look similar but are not. That said, we can imagine that this will make a huge hit with preschoolers, but especially in the homes of fire fighters, who do so much to keep us all safe. Set this up well in advance without impatient players. 3 & up.

Ages: Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018

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