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Leap Frog Scrub ‘n Play Smart Sink

(LeapFrog $29.99)

A toddler activity center with a play kitchen theme. It has buttons to push and handles to press to make things happen. It works without sounds, but toddlers will enjoy the feedback they get when they put toy dishes in the dishwasher and the door says open and close. The sink handle makes fake water spin, the soap dispenser makes a spritz sound and counts with every push. The toy dishes fit into size and color slots. There’s a sliding door that that makes the clock spin, and a button that will tell which plate needs washing. We doubt and 18-month old will listen to directions, or care about the counting, but they will enjoy anticipating and eventually even recalling what makes what happen…in other words, a budding knowledge of cause and effect. This does not replace a child size toy kitchen, especially one that takes real water and some soap suds for washing dishes. Save that for older twos. This is marked 18 months and up and appropriate for young toddlers.

SNAP: Along with cause and effect learning, this little kitchen gives a variety of hand skills a workout. It's also an early pretend toy that can fit on a wheelchair. Lots of size concepts, color words and position words are built into the fun, as they play with this. Strap it down with Velcro tapes to keep it from moving.

Story Idea: Pretend that the Three bears used this kitchen. Which dish would Papa Bear use? Which one is Baby Bear's?

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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