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eeBoo Spottington Game

(eeBoo $ 21.99 )

Get your I spy eyes in gear! In this fun game of sighting mini-figures, kids must use visual discrimination to find the miniature images scattered across colorful connectable cards. Since the playing boards can be arranged and rearranged, every game can be different. We suggest leaving the playing boards in one place for a while as kids learn to find the matches to the images on the little cards they draw from the deck. But watch out! There are a lot of little figures that look almost the same as the card a player draws. The truth is in the details. A playful way to sharpen visual discrimination—the same kind of skill needed for seeing the fine difference between pig and peg or thought and through. Play it solo and with family, cooperatively or competitively. Lots of choices. 5 and up.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2020

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