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VTech Count & Win Sports Center

(Vtech $39.99)

Vtech has done a version of this talking toy for over twenty years and although the colors change and the sounds, it never gets tired. Of course, V-tech is hoping to teach your toddler to count and get a leg up on math. Don’t worry about the math. This is a toy for active repetitive play. It’s fine that the sports center counts when a ball goes through the hoop and the scoreboard lights up with the numerals from 1-10. Kids will even like the words of praise and songs it plays. The big thing they’ll get from this is active big motor play...chasing the ball. All good. School skills can wait until they can actually talk. One more thing—there's a soccer ball for kicking under the hoop, so they can score two ways. All good for active toddler playtime!

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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