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Basic Fun Lite Brite Touch

(Basic Fun $29.99)

Sometimes change is better, sometimes not. In this case, the change is a welcome addition and different. For this season, your old Lite Brite pegs have been replaced. This amazing new light-up toy has 100 small light-up buttons! It’s not just an art toy, though you can use it for that with 12 art designs that kids can follow or use the lights to create their own designs. Push the buttons one of seven times to change the color of each light and when you’re done, art can be saved to view again and it can be animated! But that's not all! No, it’s more than an art toy. It’s also a game machine on which kids can play one of three games: Lite Break, Lite Match, and Lite Snake. They can play solo or with friends. Does it replace the pegs? Not really. It's just a different—a refreshing new way to light up your designs.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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