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Buffalo Games Oh No, Volcano!

(Buffalo Games $19.99)

There was lots of laughter as we tested this unusual game with a volcano to climb and lava fireballs to dodge, as your playing piece climbs the steep rocky mountain, trying to collect gems. Be the first to collect all the treasures and win. You’ll have to muddle through a number of rules that may seem over the top at first. We suggest watching the video after you have read the rules through once. It really isn’t that complex once you play a few passes. Your “climber” playing pieces may get knocked off more than once, but keep up your courage. This will be a fun game for family game time. For 2-4 players. A game takes 20 mins on average. Marked 7 and up.

Ages: Older Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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