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Creativity for Kids Buildeez Race Car-Blaze

Designed for beginning model builders, this almost complete wooden racing car comes out of the box ready to build. There are five pieces that are to be glued in place with the glue stick provided. Once the pieces dry, young designers will be ready to paint. Have them help prepare the area, since it’s permanent paint that will stain clothes and work surfaces. This is an important step for young crafters to learn, early on. Once the paint is dry kids can use the direction sheet to glue the numbered patterns and numbers to the wooden chassis. Now the car is ready for races! Punch the crafting is complete kids can punch out the side of the box to display their racing car on. Or better yet, they can use their self-designed vehicle for racing contests with other cars in the collection. They can even give their sports car a golden trophy in the package. A clever toy for introducing early engineering, math, and creativity with suggested questions for adults share as they stimulate STEM thinking. An age appropriate model to build and then play with for 5s and up. There's also a Jet Engine, Pirate Ship and Chomper the Monster Shark.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2024


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