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eeBoo Conversation Cards: I Heard Your Feelings and Respect the Earth

(eeBoo $13.99 each set)

Over the years, eeBoo’s Conversation Cards have been used by classroom teachers and parents to spark conversation dealing with personal as well as social issues. We know good behavior is learned best by example, but sometimes a good story, an incident, or an item in the news, gives us a chance to talk with kids about such things. These cards can also help initiate such conversations. Learning to read social cues is easier for some than others. The illustrations on these cards will give you some insight into your child’s eye-view as well as a way to encourage children to notice and think about other’s feelings. I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards deal with empathy. The illustrations and the questions on the back are open-ended and not preachy, but rather give parent and child or teacher and group a chance to discuss feelings as well as actions. Also, Respect the Earth, is set up the same way with opportunities to discuss how all of us can help our planet with our actions—by turning off the lights, recycling bottles and paper, not leaving plastic on the beach and more. Put a pack of these on the shelf near the storybooks and share one or two cards between storybooks.

Ages: Preschool, Younger Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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