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eeBoo Lacing Cards Shapes and Patterns and Good Deeds

(eeBoo $16.99 each set)

We are so happy to see two sets of lacing cards in eeBoo’s new collection. These are a classic activity that kids love doing as they are also developing eye hand and fine motor skills needed for paper and pencil tasks. Illustrations for the Good Deeds set include storybook style animals in clothes helping each other. A kind zebra in blue shorts is offering a bowl of food to a spotted dog; lion is giving flowers to a turtle; three little monkeys are cleaning a girl’s blue car; a very friendly looking hippo is giving a ride to a baby and a girl is riding a leopard; and a queen with a crown is sharing tea with an octopus. Lots to talk about and imagine while little fingers are busy poking the colored threads in and out of the pre-punched holes. Or if you prefer more abstract cards, look for the handsome Shapes and Patterns. Either way or both make a good choice for fun and learning. Marked 3 and up, but these are enjoyed by kindergarteners of 5 and 6.

Ages: Older Preschoolers and Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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