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eeBoo Within the Country, Sea or City 48-piece Puzzles

(eeBoo $21.99)

A new collection of giant floor puzzles that end up 30” x 24” and each with a STEM theme with lots to talk about and examine. Animal lovers will get a new perspective about where familiar creatures live, in trees, caves, underground dens, and streams with the Within the Country puzzle. It’s an eye opener for young scientists. So much to discover after the big puzzle is assembled! With all the critters labeled, this offers a new level of naming-and-knowing creatures in the world—some we see and others are rarely if ever sighted.

For a similar underwater experience, Within the Sea, offers a cutaway view of the sea. Like the Country puzzle, the fish are labeled and the. Surface of the sea has ships, birds and an island with a volcano bubbling under the water. Again, a lot to talk about after it’s assembled. A third 48 -piece giant shows a cutaway Within the City, with views of subways to skyline. We love the details here with heliport on one building and one person doing yoga , another group doing exercises and yet another crew building a new building. That’s just one section of this busy picture of a busy city. Each of these puzzles comes with a small poster that can help in assembling and talking about what’s to be found. These are marked 4+ and we’d say the information and details makes more sense for children of 6, 7, even 8. Putting it together is just. One part of the learning value.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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