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Holiday Barbie 2023

(Mattel $45)

Hard to imagine, but this is the 35th anniversary of Holiday Barbie. The festive doll is ready for New Years Eve in a golden knit bodice gown with a layered gossamer tulle skirt encrusted with golden stars on the sheer net over a golden layer below. Barbie has spectacular jewelry, golden earrings and a big cuff bracelet and fashionable golden sandals. She wears a sheer white tulle capelet on her shoulders. Available in four skin tones and four shades of hair, Holiday Barbie is one of those beauties that should probably sit on a shelf, but probably will not, except for collectors. For play time she can stand in for Cinderella, or any princess your young player can dream up.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2023


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