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Mindware Feisty Dice

(Mindware $16.99)

Our six-year old tester loved tossing five dice at a time, understood the rules quickly, and couldn’t wait to fill his playing board with checks made with a wipe-off marker. Feisty Dice is a quick playing game with five dice for five players (you can play with fewer players, however.) Each player has a wipe off playing board and matching dry erase marker. On your turn you roll the five dice and then check off the matching colors, trying to complete a line so you can get a color chip that gives you an extra turn. This is a game that puts matching skills, counting, and simple strategy to work. 6 and up. Comes in a tin with 25 identical Feisty Dice, 5 wipe-off score boards, 5 dry erase markers, 5 Free Roll Fireballs and instructions.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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