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Mindware Make Your Own Wind Chime Kit

(Mindware $19.95)

We can hear the soft musical sound of the chimes in the breeze, the end product we worked on for a few days with our six-year-old tester. First there was a lot of painting to do. The disks need two coats and need to dry on one side before the rim and second side can be done. Drying is not instant so this can take a few days with long waits in between. We suggest you start on a plastic sheet that will not be disturbed. Once the paint is dry this becomes a parent child task. Assembly is an opportunity to measure the precut strings, but an adult will likely need to do the threading. At one point we needed to put some tape around the three-strand twine to pass it through the precut holes. But there is nothing very difficult about the multi-step assembly IF you read the directions. We know, lots of us tend to think the directions are just there for others to real. But in this case, you will be well advised to follow the step-by-step instructions; a good lesson for kids to see. Have them help you with the reading and doing, depending on their reading level and dexterity. Once it's complete, this is a nice echo of summer that will last for a while, indoors or out. Marked 5 and up, although there is no way a five could do this alone! A fun together kit.

Ages: Older Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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