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Shuttle Art Tempera Paint Sticks

(Shuttle Art $27.99)

Did you ever try writing with your mother's lipstick? Guilty? Well, these tempera paint sticks don't smear, or come off on your fingers either, but that's how they feel, like writing with lipstick—but guilt-free, as they glide over paper. The 30-pack comes with 18 bright colors, 6 metallics, and 6 brilliant neon colors. As kids draw on paper, wood, or glass, the colors glide on smoothly, and dry in 90 seconds. Accidents will happen, but no problem. Paint sticks are relatively mess-free. They're non-toxic and washable and the supply moves up as the holder is turned. Like markers, the biggest issue will be putting the caps on so they don't dry out. These art materials are easier to handle than liquid paint since they don't run, but they don't mix the same way as real paint does. That said, they are an excellent choice for kids of all ages; they'll just be used in different ways as kids develop their fine motor skills and creative flair.

Ages: All Ages

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2022


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