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Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

(Fisher-Price $13.88) Platinum Award

A giant zip up bag full of 80 Mega bloks in bright primary colors and a variety of shapes that fit together in endless ways. This giant set comes with a platform with wheels to attach to make a small push around vehicle. The storage bag will be fun for filling and dumping, a favorite game of toddlers who love toys with lots of pieces. Putting the pieces together and taking them apart calls for dexterity and leads to discoveries about making two pieces together as big as one. Use these for stacking into towers to knock down with a ball. Sort them by color or shape. PVC Free and BPA fee bag. A basic gear toy for toddlers. Marked 1-5, we'd say more like 18 months-4 years.

SNAP: Sorting these bloks by color or another time by shape, will give your child some concept building as you play together. Try another game of turn taking: you put one on, I put one, you put one, etc. until the tower falls over. Or use the blocks to make a pattern, yellow, red,yellow, red, yellow...what comes next? Award Year: 2015.

Ages: Toddlers, Preschoolers

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