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Super Genius Games, First Words and Reading 1 and 2

(Blue Orange $12.99)

Like all the Super Genius Games, there is always a match between any two cards. With First Words, the three letter words on one card will always have one word that matches a picture card with multiple pictures on it. It calls for visual perception and speedy reading to spot the pairs. A fun game after beginning readers have picked up some ease with vowels. They can play these cards solo or with an older player. These are not meant to be flash cards, but they do require a certain amount of fluency. Remember with beginners building confidence is as important as building competence. So, if this is stressful, put the cards away for a time. Super Genius Reading 1and 2 games work the same way but with longer words. Also, helpful, See Super Genius Addition and Multiplication. Players must find a pair of cards with an equation on one card and its equivalent on the other. Again this is not for kids who are at the very beginning of learning to add or multiply. They are for the time when kids know their math facts but need to pick up speed. These are games for reinforcing facts that kids eventually need to know instantaneously. 6 & up

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2015

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