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Playmobil Furnished Children’s Hospital

(Playmobil $79.99)

Patients arrive and enter downstairs through the double doors. They check in at the front desk where a nurse takes the patient’s vitals and then takes them to an exam room. A doctor sees the patient and decides how to help them. They may be taken to the 2nd floor on the working elevator. Upstairs, there are rooms for patients’ recovery, a nursery, plus a bathroom with toilet and sink. Set includes a multicultural cast of three adult figures, one child figure, and one baby figure. There are rolling beds, a reclining exam table, a respirator, defibrillator, bandages, stethoscopes, medical charts and tools, toys, and many other accessories. Even for school aged kids, putting this 291-piece set together will require adult help and supervision. Preschoolers might enjoy playing with this, but they will only be able to hand you the pieces you request in order to get it set up. That said, once the mini setting is built, kids who aspire to be doctors and nurses will especially enjoy this setting and hours of dramatic play. It is also an excellent setting for preparing for any medical procedures that the family may be facing. See the SNAP note below. 4-10

SNAP: For kids who go to medical centers frequently, this kind of play setting can be useful for working out some of the anxieties that kids and their families face on a regular basis. Through dramatic play parents can offer children a once-removed- from-reality way to vent their fears and clarify some of their questions and expectations. It’s a safe way to rehearse for events and assure a child that they will not be alone.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School, Special Needs

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016

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