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Osmo Creative Set

(Osmo $49.99)

First things first: This is not a stand-alone game. You need an i-pad AND you need their Starter Kit ($68) a stand and camera that makes all the other programs work. The good news is that the stand and other games were introduced last year so obviously Osmo is supporting their hardware with new and interesting games that make the starter kit an investment with legs. We really like this year's games even more than earlier ones. You’ll find three different games in this Creative Kit for mixed age groups. For the youngest player, there’s a Magic Show starring Mo, the friendliest Monster ever. He’s also a magician who directs the show asking players to draw on the Osmo Creative drawing board. Watch carefully now! It's magical when their drawing hop from the drawing board to the screen to be used by Mo. This game is for kids from 4-9. Newton is a lot tougher. It’s a physics game in which kids use problem solving skills and draw paths to guide the tiny on-screen balls to solve puzzles that are something like designing a pinball machine. This one calls for lots of exploration, otherwise known as trial and error. Then there's a game called Masterpiece that allows you to trace with a marker an image on the screen to your paper or Osmo Creative Drawing pad. You can also take a photo and it will reduce the photo to outlines you can trace. Share the images you draw and color with friends and family by making a time-lapse video. This game is marked 7-12. More skilled artists will get better end products than beginners, but that’s how you grow. Of course the i-pad you need to do these games does not come in the box. With this kit you get an Osmo Creative Drawing Board and Yoobie erasable markers in a fuzzy eraser pouch, and access to the apps. We also recommend the Osmo Coding Kit.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School, Tweens

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2016

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