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Mattel Walk & Potty Pup Barbie

(Mattel $19.99)

As city dwellers we applaud the built-in lesson that comes with the new Barbie Walk & Potty Pup. Not only can Barbie’s pup actually walk—miracle of miracles—the pup comes with pieces of ready-made poop. True, you need fine motor skills to load the poop into a saddle like appliance that rests on pup’s back. Now, hit the pup’s tail and YES the pup poops on demand! And if that isn’t enough—this amazing Barbie, wearing stylishly short, short denim pants and a striped tee, comes equipped with a shovel and picker-upper for cleaning up after her pup. Of course, these days folks carry plastic baggies instead of pooper scoopers. But we hope this toy will reinforce an idea that needs to be refreshed.

Ages: early school age

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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