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Toys to Make Bath Time Less of a Battle

Bath time doesn't need to be a battle. Having some entertaining toys can make getting into the tub fun. Getting clean is the least of the possibilities from your toddlers point of view. As they splash, sprinkle and pour, water play can sooth the reluctant bather and lead to interesting “scientific” discoveries about the nature of water and things that float or sink. Here are a few new choices:

Hape Little Splashers Happy Buckets Set

(Hape $15.50) For bath time, beach or pool, this set of three colorful buckets is ideal for watery experiments. The red and white polka-dotted bucket has a built-in ball and sprinkler system; the orange and white striped one has a simpler sprinkler, and the green one has a water wheel that turns as the water comes out. For reluctant bathers, here’s an easy way to make bath time synonymous with fun time. 12 months & up.

Corolle My Mini Bath Doll

(Corolle $26) Newest of the bath 8” mini dolls, this soft body bald baby comes dressed in non-removable bathing suit with a whale on it. Designed to go into the tub or pool with toddlers, this one comes with a yellow rain poncho and a red and white boat that the little doll can sit in. A toy that will add fun to bath time. You can also find the mini bath doll in a multicultural collection ($17 each) without the boat. 18 months and up.

Hape Swimmer Teddy Wind-up Toy

(Hape $14.07) Wind up the key on the back of Teddy’s aqua colored tube and he takes off, kicking his little legs as he glides across the bathtub. Made of sturdy plastic, this chubby Teddy in a red and white striped bathing suit is sure add some amusing moments to bath-time. Toddlers will need some time before they can wind the key on their own. That said, this novelty toy is a good addition, especially for tots who are bath resistant. Marked 12 months and up. We think this will be a better choice for slightly older tots. Also fun, the Hape Pop-up Teddy Shower Buddy.

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