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Manhattan Toy Aviator Bear Plush Toy

(Manhattan Toy $16)

A 12” adorable caramel-tan bear is an aviator with a white fringed scarf and of course a pair of goggles (that don’t exactly stay over its eyes) but not to worry. They do not come off bear’s head, either, since they are stitched on. Weighted with bean-bag fill in bear’s bottom and feet, so it can sit without falling over (important for an aviator!) and, did I mention this is a totally huggable bear. Marked for all ages, but we think it’s more like a toddler huggable.

To go along with this huggable bring home Let's Go Bobby! (Clavis $17.95) by Ruth Wielockx. It's a big board book for toddlers who are typically heavily into transportation like Bobby, the on-the-go traveler who changes his mode of transportation on every page. The pages include images of mountains, cityscapes and other pathways that are cut out for little fingers to trace as Bobby rides his plane, helicopter, boat, train, bike, scooter, racing car, go cart, and rocket ship. You'll find lots of interactive ways to add sounds and motion as you share this again and again. 2s and up.

Ages: Toddlers, Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2017

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