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Steiff Teddy Bear Flynn in a Suitcase

(Steiff $39.99)

Unlike earlier Steiff bears, that were bristly to the touch and hardy soft and cuddly, Flynn is of a new generation. He's a small 11" lovable bear, honey colored with a lighter colored muzzle and ears. His snout is black and velvety and he has a friendly face with stitched features. Toddlers will find him a good listener who can understand whatever they say and he's happy to go along wherever they may be going. Flynn comes in a small suitcase with a metal handle and clasp that make him an ideal travel mate. We note there is a Lotte bear with a suitcase, a white bear in a red case. She's nice but Flynn is gender neutral and classic. That said, the Flynn we reviewed came in a white case with polka dots. The one we see online is in a brown case. We're sure either will go the miles.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2017

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