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eeBoo Sloth in a Hurry

(eeBoo $17.99)

How’s that title for an oxymoron? It’s the name of a funny game that requires some reading and plenty of action. Players take a WHO card—it might be a knight, a monster, an inchworm or any number of choices. Then they pull a WHAT card that tells them what they are doing—climbing a steep cliff, under a leaking ceiling, or among others—skating for the first time. Now they spin the HOW spinner and have to do the WHO, and WHAT with the HOW, such as in the wind, on the moon, or under water. If the player lands on “Add a Partner” the player to the right draws a WHO card and acts out the same WHAT and HOW cards with the first player. Players act out these three things until the others applaud. After the player stops or the group applauds the player on the left announces how many stars the performer gets. (Everyone gets at least one). This is not a competitive game, but rather one for having fun together and acting out what the cards say in a unique way. There is no winning or losing.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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