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Fisher-Price Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

(Fisher-Price $21.99)

For toddlers and preschoolers this bag of 80 colorful pegged blocks is a basic.

Toddlers will need some learning time to figure out how to fit the pegs together and take them apart. They are marked for ones and up, but one-year-olds do not have the dexterity to make these blocks fit together. This calls for eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. However, toddlers will like the sheer number of pieces in the zippered storage bag...great fun to spill and dump. You’ll need to demo how they fit together. For older toddlers we like the opened-ended-ness of this generous set with single and double pegged blocks of red, green, yellow blue and purple. These are easiest to use for stacking. It's fun to use these together to discover how tall they can go before they go ka-boom or play a game by making some stacks together and connect them to make an arch a toy car can roll through. Or build some towers and play at knocking them over with a ball. These are all fun games with repetition that toddlers love. Marked for 1+, we’d say the sweet spot is more like older twos who have the skill to put them together. SNAP: In addition to the games above, try a game of sorting them by color. Which color do you have the most of or the least of. Play another game of sorting them by single or double pegs. Try making color patterns, alternating two or three colors and decide together what will come next.

Ages: Toddlers, Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018

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