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Creativity for Kids Sticker Suncatchers

Here’s a way to do window art without putting markers or glue on the window. Sticker Suncatchers come with five sturdy pre-made designs—a bear, owl, fox, bunny and maybe a chipmunk. Kids use the color stickers to decorate them and then hang them on the window with small suction cup with a hook, that really does stick and will move slightly as it catches the light and breeze. Kids can layer the sheer stickers, which means they’ll be creating new colors…so this gives them hands-on color mixing experiences without using paint. There are also stick-on rhinestones for extra sparkle. You should know that the sticker sheets need to be bent to get each sticker off…so for those without fingernails, this may be a little tough. It will take a bit of strategy, learning, and fine motor skills. Also, the stickers are not meant to fill the spaces like paint…they are cut in geometric shapes and are meant to be layered. Marked 4 and up. We think slightly older kids will like this.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2019

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