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Peaceable Kingdom, Guess It. Get It. Gumballs

(Mindware $15.95)

Here’s a cooperative game that’s not about winning or losing, but one that’s meant to sharpen children’s emotional IQ, to help them recognize how others are feeling and how reading facial expressions can clue them in on how others are feeling. Sounds heavy, but the game play lends itself to a good deal of silliness and laughter. There’s a Gumball playing board and all the Gumballs are put out face side down. Players spin the spinner and pick up a color matching Gumball using the suction cup mirror, picking up a Gumball that everyone else can see. The player then tries to make a matching face to the one pictured, (silly, scared, happy, sad, mad, or excited) without peeking…other players indicate if the player’s expression matches the Gumball stuck to the mirror. If the player guesses right she puts the Gumball on the scoreboard. If not she puts the Gumball back on the big Gumball playing board and another player has a turn. The object is to cover every color on the scoreboard before any of the players pick up three stink faces. SO, you are all playing against the game rather than each other. 4 and up.

Ages: Older Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2019

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