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Magformers Amazing Rescue Set

(Magformers $59.99)

Firefighters to the rescue with this fifty-piece set of magnetic pieces for building a fire station, a firetruck with wheels and other emergency accessories. As in all Magformer sets, the magnets are totally safe for play since they are totally inside the sleek plastic shapes. They come with clear instructions, making them easy enough for school aged children to follow. These are STEM toys for beginners that introduce children to the polarity of magnets and hands-on experience with assembling a model without the need of glue. Once built the themed pieces are ready for imaginative dramatic play and spinning their own little dramas. This Magformers Amazing Rescue Set comes with 24 magnetic pieces, 2 characters and emergency vehicle accessories. NOTE: The characters and some blocks are not magnetic, but they are small and would go down a choke tube. True, this toy is marked 3 and up, but if you have a three who still mouths toys, save this for another time or remove the small pieces! Marked 3 and up, however, we think the sweet spot for this kind of themed construction is best for 5-8s.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019

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