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Vendees Holo Unicorn

(Horizon $19.99)

Who doesn’t love the surprise of a vending machine and waiting to see what you're going to get when you pull the lever? This is one of a group of Vendees, a novelty gift that is packaged to keep on giving—at least for a while. Take off the wrap on the box to read the instructions. In fact, you might actually consider this a good beginning reader’s activity. It’s a read and find-out set of directions, done up in a box with treats as they read. Call it motivational reading. At the top of the “vendee” there are small paint bottles, a paintable Unicorn head and glitter. The brush is hidden under the wrappings. NO rush, save that for the last. Start with the three surprise pulls with three little jars that fall one at a time. Open the bottom panel. The surprises inside the little jars are small, but pleasing to girls of a certain age and stage. Inside of jar number one there’s a beaded bracelet with a unicorn, jar two holds a silver hair scrunchy, and a jar three has a unicorn keychain. Lift the bottom panel off and there’s a sticker dispenser and a drink that turns out not to be a drink, but a rub off image of another unicorn. Okay, now open the top of the box . Parental help will be needed since the paintable unicorn and paint are secured tight. Along with the glitter that can be put on the wet paint, there is also a tiny unicorn ring. This gift box of surprises takes a long time to open and savor and aside from painting the unicorn, unwrapping each item from the “dispenser” box is probably the best part of the fun. The prizes are typical of vending machines—nothing to write home about. But they are themed and will please a six year old.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award 2019

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