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Djeco Pirate Ship Floor Puzzle, 36 Pieces

(Djeco $18.99)

Hey maties! Ship ahoy! Our five-year old tester and his mom gave high ratings to this Pirate Ship. They especially loved the little extra—a small cut out model of the puzzle that they used as a "cue ship" to put this floor puzzle together. Looking at the model helped him locate where the objects and people below and above should go. Of course the pirate theme was appealing and held his attention as they assembled the three-foot tall ship with pirates above and below deck. A fun way to challenge problem solving skills as well as fine motor and dexterity. Marked 4 and up, but probably a better choice for young early school years and they will likely need help the first few times. Remember kids enjoy redoing their puzzles. Put it away for a week or two and take it out again. They take pride in gaining mastery as they return to a familiar scene.

Ages: Early School Years

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2020

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