Kid Made Modern My First Stamp Set

(Kid Made Modern $29.99)

Working on learning shapes? Here's a playful set of six stampers that includes a circle, triangle, square, star, and for decorative fun, a cloud and rainbow. These are designed with chunky handles that fit little hands. It comes with three stamping pads with red, orange and bluish ink plus a set of bright fat easy to grasp crayons. Preschoolers will use this for open-ended stamping creations. Use old newspaper and other paper scraps. For parent -child projects, use the little booklet with a variety of play ideas...from making a caterpillar to playing tic-tac-toe. For slightly older kids use the stampers for introducing them to making patterns, or create counting or shape or color books.

SNAP: These chunky stampers and fat crayons are especially helpful for kids with fine motor challenges. Ideal materials for creative as well as academic activities. Take turns making a pattern. Stamp a round, triangle, round, triangle...ask what comes next? Play how many? Make in a little home-made booklet and have child stamp the pages and then go back and count. How many are on each page? Write the numeral or the number word or both.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020

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