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Hape Toddler Kitchen Set

(Hape $21.99 )

For beginning pretend play, a small tabletop play kitchen with be just right! Designed for toddlers, the small stove comes with a pot with a lid, a frying pan, a spoon and one spatula. Little chefs will like turning the knobs of the stove to make them click. Kids begin their dramatic play with familiar activities that they see adult engage in and cooking is a basic. We know there are big kitchens with all kinds of bells and whistles. This one is compact enough for a small apartment and simple enough for a toddler to enjoy making treats for you and their teddy bears and dolls. Ask for some tasty soup or a scrambled egg...then ham it up when they bring it to you. We like the primary colors that make it gender free, as cooking should be!

SNAP: This can be adapted for a table top with Velcro tape attached to the bottom. It has chunky handles and is not gender specific.

Ages: Toddlers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2020


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