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LED Light-Up Oversized Badminton Set

Our family summer game is badminton so we were particularly interested in this set that comes with two oversized rackets and birdie. To add to the fun the birdie lights up. Now -- if you're a badminton purist -- this is not really badminton. the rackets are really big and the birdie not only has a light, but it also bounces a bit. The set does not come with a net which was fine with our testers. It's just a really fun racket set. You can buy a lower net or more traditional badminton net -- but from our point of view this is a great place to start. We love that the birdie bounces - giving you another chance to hit it. In our family, we really appreciate all the help we can get.

Ages: Marked 5 & up, we think 7 & up will enjoy even more!

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2022


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