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Miniland Colourful Dolls Edition

(Miniland $64.98 each)

Miniland has added to it's much needed and unusual doll collection. It features not only dolls of different origins to celebrate inclusivity and representation; it includes dolls with various conditions with love and respect. In the collection are dolls with Down syndrome and dolls with Hearing Implants or Glasses. This award-winning collection aims to encourage confidence, acceptance and empathy. With different options available, children are sure to find a doll that’s just like them to explore and learn through play. Each doll is carefully designed with well-defined features, different hair types and textures, and a multitude of skin tones to represent children from around the world. Fifteen inches and handmade in Spain, their heads, arms and legs are jointed for easy dress-up play and all are anatomically correct. Each of them come dressed in knitted outfits/rompers. We suggest you visit the Miniland website to choose from the individual choices.

Ages: Preschool, Early school

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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