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Naturalistas LittleListas Baby Lily

(Purpose Toys $24.99)

To celebrate children of color this charming doll with natural hair is an answer in part to Chris Rock’s documentary. As the box says, this is for little girls with “coily. curly, loc’d, and naturally textured hair.” We have often written about the importance of children having dolls that reflect themselves. For many years toymakers said dolls of color did not sell sell, so they did not offer them. Then, some produced dolls that were merely molds of Caucasian dolls that were “colorized” and styled with black straight hair. More recently we are seeing dolls that are designed to truly reflect our diversity. Baby Lily is a charming addition to the multicultural dolls now available in toyland. We hope we will continue to see this part of the toy business prosper.

Ages: Preschool

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 20


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