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Peaceable Kingdom Get Up For Pup

(Mindware $18.99)

Designed for game playing with beginners. It’s really a parent child game with no real winning or losing. Put the four puppy cut outs around the room. Players draw a card with a paw...each paw has a color that matches one of the pup’s sweaters. Player spins the spinner and depending on where the arrow lands, the player dances, crawls, jumps, runs , walks backwards, or tosses a cloth bone to the matching puppy. Parents or older sib can do the action with the young players. It’s a color matching game with active play that helps kids develop gross motor skills as well as listening, looking and matching. Comes with 4 puppy cards, 4 paw print cards, 4 stuffed bones, 1 spinner, parent guide and instructions. Marked for 2 and up...we think this will work best with older 2s and young 3s.

Ages: Older Toddlers, Younger Preschoolers

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2021


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