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Peaceable Kingdom Jump, Jump, Joey Action Game

(Mindware $22.99)

First things first: this is being promoted for 2s and up. Some older twos with siblings who play games may like this, but we think preschoolers of 3 and 4 will enjoy it more.

In each game, someone wears the special Mama Kangaroo Apron with a pouch that comes with the game. Place the 12 Kangaroo pads face down around the room and let the fun begin. Each player stands near a Kangaroo pad. At the start of the round all players jump three times , going from one pad to another. Everyone calls out “Jump Jump Joey” as they jump. At the third pad, players turn over the pad they landed near or on. If it has a baby kangaroo, a Joey, they put it in the pouch of the Mama Kangaroo player. If the turned over card shows and action, the player must do what it says and then put it down. The round ends when one player has put three Joey cards in Mama Kangaroos pouch. There are other variations suggested on the directions card and you may even come up with ideas of you own for using the cards and action. This is a great hop and play action game for adult and one child or a few at a play date or party. Kids will like the active play as they develop gross motor skills and put imagination to work performing the actions suggested on the cards.

Ages: Toddlers, Preschool

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2023


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