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Playmobil Wiltopia Research Tower; Animal Care Station; Boat Trip to the Manatees

(Playmobil $55-109.99)

Playmobil introduced a new theme this season— Wiltopia, with several settings designed for constructing and role play to protect our ecosystem and wildlife all over our planet. Testers liked the Research Tower ($79.99) with a working compass. Like a treehouse in the jungle, the multicultural Palmer Family can climb to the top of the tower with its rotating platform and get a 360 degree view of the jungle. The set comes with et includes two teenaged figures, research tower, functional compass, two howler monkeys, informational animal card to unlock digital content, hummingbirds, rattlesnake, turtles, rope ladder, tripod with measuring device, information board, bananas, and many more accessories.

There is also a wonderful Animal Care Station ($109.99) An animal hospital on stilts where veterinarians can save the lives of threatened animals. Set includes three figures, animal care station with enclosures, rowboat with dock, tapirs with informational animal card to unlock digital content, fish, ocelots, parrot, medical supplies, bottles, microscope, tests tubes, information boards, animal feed, water dispensers, fencing, and many other accessories.

For a smaller set, consider the Boat Trip to the Manatees ($55) with two figures, boat, manatee with two cubs, an underwater camera, measuring equipment, veterinary equipment, a sticker sheet with bandage labels, informational manatee animal card to unlock digital content, and other accessories. Early School Years

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2022


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