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Stack the Scoops

(ViBuGo $19.99)

Being an ice cream lover, I'd call this a sweet little card game that's all about making sets. Each set must include a scoop (or more) of ice cream, a topping, and a base, like a cone or cup. One more thing, the card backgrounds must be the same color. To start you put out four cards and the game begins as players take turns putting out one card to make a set. When a player adds the third card with all three attributes, they take the set and put out another card to build on. There are bonus cards worth more points than others. The object is to get rid of all the cards you started with or had to take. The first to use all her cards ends the round. Now everyone must count their points. So, there's addition/multiplication for the score keeping, making sets, matching colors and juggling several attributes at one time. It's a quick game that's easy to learn and a good choice for mixed aged group of kids 5-10.

Ages: Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2021


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