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NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle

(SmartNoggin $22.99) Testers liked this clever hi-tech rattle. Based on a classic bar-bell rattle shape, this one has a flat bottom on one side so it can stand up and an amazing light-up face on the other side. It has a quiet rattle sound when you shake it, and the round head changes colors from blue to green to red. The photo here, show the same rattle as it appears when the light changes. A fun toy for early tracking games and sensory discoveries later on. At the bottom there is a small mirror that distorts more than reflects, but has added interest. The high contrast black and white on the base will provide visual interest even the youngest baby and the easy to grasp textured red and yellow bar adds sensory interest to the touch when baby is old enough to take hold of things. Of course, this is something for parents to use with baby until true hand control is developed. It's a toy infants will reach out for, but they are very likely bop themselves with it before they are really in control of hand movements. Age: Infants. Award Year: 2015. Click here to purchase this product on

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