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Playskool Stack 'n Stow Cups

(Hasbro $7.99) These are not your typical stack and nesting cups. Instead there is a base and seven shallow rimmed discs shaped with easy to grab tabs. Each one has a cup-out shape in the center: a star, triangle, square, etc. The shapes can be stacked or nested in size order on the base or not. For stacking you will need to place the lion's face on the base. For nesting the pieces fit into each other and then can be capped with the lion's face and turned to hold it all together. Placing the lion's face in place for either operation will take adult hands. That said, this is a nice twist on an old toy concept that can be used to introduce and reinforce color names, shapes, size order and dexterity. Marked for over 9 months, be forewarned, chances are some of the pieces will be missing before your child is a toddler and able to do the size order part. That said, babies will like the multiple pieces to take apart, toss, teethe on and bang together. It's one of those toys kids return to and it can help develop eye hand skills and visual perception. A new twist on stacking and nesting.

Age: Infants, Toddlers. Award Year: 2015. Click here to purchase this product on

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