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Sassy Crab Chime and Lobster Jitter

(Sassy $11.99) Our newest infant tester was excited with Sassy's all fabric Crab and Lobster toys that can hang on baby's carrier, stroller or car seat. From the start, little babies notice eyes, especially big eyes and these toys have bull's-eye style eyes that will attract even a very young baby's visual attention, as will the high contrast black and white patterns against the bright red and yellow critters. Crab has a gentle chiming sound to listen for and a tug on lobster's colorful loops will start it jiggling and jittering! The easy-to-grasp handles are just right for young babies to hold onto and because they are soft, there's no worry that the baby will hit herself in the face with hard plastic while exploring the toy. There's so much here to explore with all the senses. It's one of those toys that doesn't cost a lot; but offers tons of action and discoveries. A great example of a toy that's perfect for the age group but will not break the bank. Newborns and up. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon. com.

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