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Manhattan Toy Lovies Payton Puppy

(Manhattan Toy $12 & up ) Platinum Award

You can find this adorable black and white pooch in three sizes, each with a slightly crooked face and angular ears that stand up and make him all the more appealing. He's done in silky plush, has pellets inside so he can sit on his lightly weighted bottom. We have the 5.5 handful and the one marked large. Either will be a perfect huggable to take wherever your toddler is off to. This is one of those classics that both boys and girls like to take wherever they go. They have no agenda or tricks. Like a good old teddy bear or floppy bunny, Payton Puppy will listen to whatever a child has to say and do whatever he's told. He'll be completely loving with no questions as to who is the boss. Award Year: 2015.

Ages: Toddlers, Preschool, Early School

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