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Toys R Us Journey Dolls

(Toys R Us $39.99 each) Platinum Award

This year's Journey dolls are off to Italy! Ciao! As always they are beautifully fitted out for their new adventure. Not only do they all have different colored hair, these girls are individuals. Each has a unique face with no look-alikes in the crowd. Mikaella is wearing brocaded silvery trousers with a purple sweater trimmed with silver embroidery. Her long auburn hair in a side braid is ready for styling. She likes cooking and baking. Maybe in Italy she'll master homemade pasta! She and her friends are going on a side trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, they’ll tour the Coliseum in Rome and in Venice they'll ride in a Gondola. Bring on the Gelato! Meredith, is a blonde beauty who loves sports. She's dressed for going out on the town in a white skirt, blue knit pullover and hot pink bag and matching shoes. Callie, a dancer, is an Asian American girl with beautiful black hair. She's dressed in a pink eyelet zippered jacket, matching hair band, a black velvet skirt, white tee and pink shoes. Kelsey, a stunning redhead, is an outdoor type but for Italy, she is done up in a denim blue embroidered dress with a poofy black headband and black shoes and handbag. Kyla is an artist dressed in a hot pink wrap skirt with a tee that says Ciao! She is a girl of color with brownish hair and hazel eyes. Dana is an animal lover who wears dark rimmed glasses that match her dark brown hair. She is wearing a fake fur vest over a grey knit sweater and jeans with her high brown boots and animal print tote. Chavonne is perhaps the most striking of the group; a talented singer, a girl of color with glorious Afro style hair and hazel eyes. She's wearing floral pants, a striped tee and a hot pink jacket with big white buttons. Available exclusively at Toys R Us. Award Year: 2015

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

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