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Wimmer Ferguson Double-Feature Mirror

(Manhattan Toy $29.99)

There is not a better quality safety mirror for babies than this one. Recently updated with all new graphics, this is pretty much distortion-free and baby will enjoy gazing at his own moving images long before he recognizes who he is seeing in the reflection. However, even before baby can use the mirror side, the high contrast black and white graphics on the reverse side will be interesting for baby to gaze at. Hang this in the crib or beside the changing table. Keep in mind, that the black and white graphics are visually stimulating, so for quiet time, you may want to take this out of visual range. The graphics include among others a pinwheel with target, a cat's face, and a baby's face. Research shows that newborns do not see colors in the first weeks and these black and white images, especially the faces, are the ones they latch onto visually. Newborns & up.

Ages: Infants

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2014

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