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Calico Critters

(International Playthings $20.00 & up)

A wonderful collection of animal families($20 a family) are ready for pretend play in the Calico Critter Tree house ($70), camper van, school bus, lakeshore cottage, ice cream truck, and other settings or with use them with blocks or other miniature settings. Among our favorites Pickleweed Hedgehogs, Ellwood Elephants, Sugar Bears, and Milky Mouse families. This is one of those classics that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls for their dramatic play. Unlike the typical grim settings for boys, there are choices in Calico Critter land that do not call for mayhem and violence. These fanciful critters are have a storybook look and feel, like characters from Beatrix Potter books. Animal families are once removed from reality, and lend themselves to role play, providing an comfortable outlet for emotional expression and spinning original stories. They can be used solo or in side by side play. You don't need to buy a huge setting or buy it all at once, but Calico Critters and their many props and characters make nice add-ons from time to time, to rekindle and keep their interest in the toy going.

Ages: Preschoolers, Early School

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award 2010

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