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Hasbro Monopoly Ultimate Banking

(Hasbro $25)

Just when you thought you had seen every kind of Monopoly variation possible, along comes a new twist that’s totally 21st Century. In a world where paychecks are delivered by direct deposit, and shopping online or in stores is done with credit and debit cards, maybe Monopoly with play money is anachronistic. Cash is so over, as we all know. If you’ve had a problem with a sneaking cheating banker in classic games or you have mismanaged your funds, this Brave New World is played with a mini ATM and debit cards, so you not only don’t have to handle your money, you can depend on the electronic card reader (also known as your ATM) to read the cards and deduct your money when you buy a property. And yes, you can do the equivalent of wire transfers to send money from one player to another. First it was the piggy banks, now it’s the play money; but learning about change is an important life lesson, isn’t it? Our first test family just sent us their review: “We liked using new and interesting technology but missed having real money.” Yes, that's still an issue.This is the same family that tested the new Monopoly Brands edition and surprisingly, they really like that new quick version even better than this Ultimate or Classic.

Ages: Tweens, Teens, Adult

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